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We continue to work with trust as our motto.


We aspire to be, in the next few years, a group which would capture 50% of the market share in the construction sector while improving the quality of lives through its work. We pledge to uphold the values and commitment during our participation in the firm’s activities and the pursuit of our collective vision, without compromising on the welfare of our employees.


To enhance and fortify quality, speed, innovation, and technology into the organization’s business ventures and to be a trendsetter in innovative management practices across premium infrastructure and construction space.

Our reputation as the best construction company in Vijayawada comes from our unyielding commitment to deliver impeccable services to our clients.

While we approach every construction project with the same guiding operating philosophy- Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork, and Empowerment.

Being a part of the Indian construction landscape since 1971, over the years, Virtue Industries has established a reputation as the best construction company in Vijayawada for being able to deliver cost-effective and innovative building solutions.

Among the first to recognize the constantly evolving nature of the industry, Virtue Industries has consistently invested in high-quality building materials and maintaining state-of-the-art R&D, manufacturing and quality control infrastructure. It is this focus on quality and innovation that has enabled Virtue Industries as the most promising construction company in Vijayawada.

Virtue Industries is committed to providing customized, high-quality construction solutions and we strive to bring you the best in construction materials which has versatile properties such as easy mouldability, high compressive strength, and long-lasting durability for ensuring speedy construction.



A B.Com graduate with thirty-odd years of hands-on experience in the mining industry. He is an inspiration personified and a motivational speaker. Not every day does one come across a friendly and polite inspiring personality of this sort. Virtue Group banks on the tremendous experience reserve combined with new age innovation to reach heights.



An aspiring Medico completed his education from Bangalore, is a goal-oriented young, energetic person with a great set of leadership skills. He is a prolific Swimmer, who is good at Badminton and traveling. The young generation is determined to take the Group to the new heights with up to date business development strategies with a technology edge. He is also determined to continue the family legacy in the business with new age marketing and operational skills.

Virtue Industries is a leading construction company in Vijayawada. We specialize in planning, designing, and architectural settings of your project. Also, we supply construction materials like concrete, blue-metal aggregates at construction sites in Vijayawada.